Head and neck surgery or “Otorhinolaryngology” is a division of surgery (or surgical sub-specialty) that deals with ENT(ear, nose, throat) and the other related regions and structures of the head and neck. A Head and Neck Surgeon in India is also called as Otorhinolaryngologists. This surgical sub-specialty also includes the ENT doctors and surgeons, otolaryngologists, and head and neck surgeons.

Conditions in children that may require head and neck surgery

Surgery within the neck and head region may be performed to treat many different kinds of disorders, diseases, and injuries in children.

Injury in the head or neck region- may require surgery for repairing the damage and for saving the life of the child.

Tonsillectomy- the surgery is common for removing the tonsils of a child.

Cleft palate/lip- it is a kind of birth defect that occurs in children and affects the soft palate, lip or both the regions. Surgery is required for connecting the sides of the palate,lip or both.

Cancer- while the incidence of cancer is uncommon in children, the disease does occur. Cancer in the thyroid gland or “pediatric thyroid cancer” is common in children. Surgery is carried out for removing the tumor before any other treatment like chemotherapy or radiation can be started.

Cochlear implants-when there is the hearing defect in the child, a complex electronic device called a cochlear implant is used for correcting the defect to a certain extent. The implant is made through head and neck surgery.

A pediatric head and neck surgery at a leading and reputed head and neck surgery hospital ensure that side effects like bleeding and infection do not occur, and proper care is provided.